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Product Warranty claim steps:

1. Always read the Warranty Term and check if the case is eligible for coverage. Failure to comply with the processes referred to below will result in your request being refused.

2. Always fill in all the fields described in our RMA (Authorized Merchandise Shipment), as it will be extremely important in accepting the warranty, especially the field in which the part problem must be described.

3. After filling in the RMA, it should be sent to the following e-mail: suporte@portal-import.com.br, as our technical area will analyze and verify the information contained therein, evaluating the acceptance of the return for exchange .

4. If the parts are sent to PORTAL IMPORT without the previous formal authorization of the support, they will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer.

5. When returning the defective product to PORTAL IMPORT, it must be packed securely, ensuring that the part is not damaged during transport. It is preferable to ship in the original packaging.

Warranty term

1. The product warranty of each manufacturer was intended exclusively for supplies made by PORTAL IMPORT. If it is recognized that the origin of the goods is not our company, the material will not be accepted and sent back to the customer.

2. The parts must be sent with the freight paid by the customer, and the return will be borne by PORTAL IMPORT.

3. The warranty change period for the product is guaranteed by the customer. We inform you that the period of exchange for the product depends on each manufacturer, and in some cases, due to the limitations and deadlines arising from the import processes, delays in the substitutable processes may occur.

4. We inform you that the warranty does not cover problems caused by causes of greater effect, such as electrical discharges, or by misuse of the equipment.

5. Products for exchange will not be accepted under the following conditions:

6. Products without RMA forms.

7. Products that have cracks, cracks, or any evidence of falling.

8. Products without SN CODE identification tags or with the same unreadable or strikethrough.

9. Products outside the warranty period

10. Always make sure that the products that will be sent for exchange are the same as informed on the RMA form. If the RMA shipment contains unidentified products, the entire batch will be returned to the customer.

Product shipping for exchange

1. Shipments of products for exchange must always follow with the attached invoice and RMA form.

2. Send invoice with the nature of the operation ?SHIPMENT FOR REPAIR?, with freight paid.

3. Use CFOP 5915 or 6915.

4. Always send products by means of transport that can be traced.